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It’s our pleasure to introduce you to TekiEazi WiFi Advertising Solution, the new age of Digital Advertising. 

How TekiEazi WiFi Advertising Work?

Everyone that wants to connect to the WiFi at the SXM Airport will look for the PJIA WiFi name and connect to this WiFi. After they find the WiFi Name (SSID) they will be forwarded to a WiFi Portal (Splash page). First page landed on will be the Home Page.

  1. Home Page Advertising: This is the home page and this is the main advertising spot that allows businesses to come directly in front of the WiFi Users. Home page Advertising allows the option to show a graphic or a video ad.
  2. Home Page Feature Advertising: Further below the Home Page there is a section to feature your businesses in the form of a Coupon Offer and Business Listing.

The WiFi portal is a mini website, which provides the WiFi user with several key information pages. Each of these pages allows businesses to come in front of the WiFi User, in the form of a Leader Banner at the top of the page, Coupons, Featured and Regular Business Listing.

  1. Pages Banner Advertising
    • Arriving and departing Flight Information: Display up to date flight information
    • Coupons/Offers: Digital coupon offers that WiFi Users can redeem at your business location.
    • Car Rental page: Showcase your Car Rental with Company Logo, name, telephone, website & more.
    • Shops: Showcase your business with Company Logo, name, telephone, website & more
    • Restaurants: Showcase your Restaurant with Company Logo, name, telephone, website & more
    • Beaches: Our comprehensive list of beaches on the Island with map location. Get in front of users.
    • Directory: List of businesses on the island
  2. Coupons: A great way to drive business is via coupon offers. Our coupon solution allows businesses to offer coupons to the WiFi Users, which will be digitally generated and can be emailed or printed. Each coupon has its own unique number and the business choose their validation method whether by scanning the QR-code or enter the code via the TekiEazi WiFi Validation link to ensure that the coupon is only used once.
  3. Featured and Regular Business Listings
    • Car Rental
    • Shops
    • Restaurants
    • Directory
  4. Sponsored WiFi Advertising: Target your audience with Sponsored Free WiFI Session Advertising to WiFi users. Display your targeted advertisements, whether they are in image or video format. Users will need to view your advertisement in order to gain Free WiFi.

What makes TekiEazi WiFi Advertising Different?

Our solution is design with businesses in mind. Our WiFi Advertising provides you the following benefits.
  • Know if your Ad is working
  • Ability to change Advertisement during the month
  • Insight information via statistical reports for the different advertising options
  • Number of impressions click for each of the advertisements.
  • Directly in front of your Target Market
  • Multiple ways to feature your business
  • Direct access to your website

Current WiFi Advertising Packages and Early Bird Offers

We are currently offering an Early Bird Special that also include additional exposure of your business on our related directory, restaurant, car rental and coupon websites for free when you advertise on the SXM Airport WiFi Portal. Spots are limited and will be assigned on a who come first basis.

We would love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the possibilities of your business advertising on the SXM Airport WiFi. Please find attached Packages for your review and let me know what date and time is good for us to meet. We can be contacted via email or +1-721-553-2842

Looking forward hearing from you soon.

We greatly appreciate your feedback.

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